Defiance beta starts January 18

Trion Worlds' MMO shooter Defiance is getting ready to kick off its first beta test later this month. The "Advanced Mission Beta 1" will run January 18-20, and feature a tutorial and a handful of maps and modes to get players (and the developers) primed for its April launch.

Beta sign-ups are available through the official site, but this first round seems like a closed beta so all comers might not gain access to it. Those who do get in will be able to explore Mt. Tam, take on competitive multiplayer on the Waterfront and Shadow World maps, and play co-op boss battles in Arkfall. The event will start on 8 AM on January 18, and last until 9 PM on January 20.

Defiance's claim to fame is its integration with the upcoming Syfy TV show, which left our own Andrew Yoon impressed. Check out his preview for more details.