GOG adds free Wing Commander, Alpha Centauri expansions

As GOG has unearthed and re-released vintage video games from EA's catalogue, the digital distributor has come up short a few expansion packs. Ever the kind soul, it has now secured a few more, for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Wing Commander 1 and 2, and Wing Commander Privateer, and given them to free to people who've already bought the games on GOG. A merry Winterval to one and all!

Yes, GOG has rolled out the Alien Crossfire expansion for Alpha Centauri, both Secret Missions expansions for the original Wing Commander, the two Special Operation expansions for Wing Commander 2, and Righteous Fire for Wing Commander: Privateer. Oh, what treats!

To get the new content, you'll need to download the installer from GOG again.

All three games (WC 1 & 2 come together in a bundle) are $2.99 apiece in GOG's holiday sale and won't be cheaper in daily deals, so pick 'em up if you're interested.

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