Project Godus trailer shows prototype gameplay

With three days and an awful lot of money left to go, Peter Molyneux and 22cans' crowd-funding campaign for a new god game codenamed Project Godus is looking unlikely to end happily. In the hope of raising interest and that final £80,000 ($130,000-ish), 22cans has put out a trailer with gameplay footage from its early, early prototype.

Project Godus is to be a sandbox god game like you'd expect from Peter Molyneux of old. Becoming a god, you'll get to sculpt the landscape, control the elements, and, importantly, send your followers into war to wipe out infidels. If the game gets funded, that is.

"Do keep in mind that this is a prototype and by no means the final game," 22cans urged. Supposedly it'll release a new video with commentary from Molyneux himself today, though it had planned to release the playable prototype on Friday and that never materialised.

If you want to help Godus as it approaches the finish line with a pronounced limp, you can chip in cash for the Kickstarter campaign. Pledging at least £15 will get you a copy of the game when it's finished.