Anomaly: Warzone Earth joining PlayStation Plus line-up

The inverted tower defense game Anomaly: Warzone Earth is the next addition to PlayStation Plus, set to hit with tomorrow's PlayStation Store update.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth has you guiding a convoy through a battlefield of towers firing at it, with various upgrades, powers, and path-switching to avoid enemy fire. In other words, it's a tower-defense game if the defending towers were the villains.

In addition, Plus members can get additional discounts on various "Holiday Essentials." Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dyad, Escape Plan, and Street Fighter: Third Strike Online Edition are all available for $7.35 each. Various Sega games are on sale as well, with After Burner Climax, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA, and Crush going for $2.50 each.

The full list of discounts can be seen on the PlayStation.Blog.