Dead Space 3 uses Kinect for co-op commands

What's the next game to be made "better with Kinect"? Why, it's Dead Space 3. But don't expect to use it as you would in Rise of Nightmares. Instead, Visceral Games is using Microsoft's camera to implement voice commands in co-op.

Using Kinect, co-op partners will be able to issue voice commands to give each other health or ammo, find their next objective, or revive each other. The announcement implies a host of other commands as well, like "Find partner!" and "Fire stasis!" You need to exclaim these things, obviously. The announcement also references using these commands in single-player, but doesn't explain how since the single-player will have no AI companion.

It seems like shouting at your buddy might break the all-important tension that the Dead Space series is known for, but we'll have to wait until its release on February 5 to know for sure. Check out our preview for more impressions.