BioShock Infinite PC offers adjustable AA, FOV, and more

Andrew got about two hours in with BioShock Infinite and came away impressed with the gameplay. If you're worried Infinite's PC version won't live up to the consoles, don't fret. It appears developer Irrational Games is included all sorts of adjustable sliders and such for you to tinker with.

PC Gamer dove into the graphics options and found adjustable settings for (among other things) anti-aliasing, FOV, object detail, light shafts and dynamic shadows. The FOV entry was a slider with no listed values.

Unsurprisingly, the game ran without issue on a Windows 7 machine with an octo-core AMD FX-8120 and a single AMD Radeon 7900 series card, with 16GB RAM. But, we'll have to wait until Irrational releases official min specs to see how other rigs will be able to deal with the Unreal Engine-powered game.