Labyrinth Legends crawling onto PSN next month

Cor, those dungeons! All full of treasure and all that. Well, no point in leaving it laying about, is there? Better head in and scoop it up, just hope there are no big nasty monsters in your way or you may have to kill them. That's the basic premise of Labyrinth Legends, which Creat Studios is bringing to PlayStation Network for PS3 on December 18.

As well as single-player action-RPG-y looting, Labyrinth Legends will pack three local multiplayer modes for up to four. Kill monsters; solve puzzles; collect items; kill more monsters.

"We've been discussing a Vita version. Be sure to let the folks at Sony know if you would like to see it," Creat's Scott Hyman noted in the comments of a PlayStation Blog post. He added, "If we do end up making a Vita version, it's very likely that it would be Cross-Buy. Seems only fair."