Skyrim DLC still in the works for PS3

Poor PlayStation 3-packing Dragonborn. Though the third piece of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC is approaching next week, technical problems have kept all add-ons off PS3 so far. Sony and Bethesda have joined forces to solve the issues and while we still have no solid word on when DLC might come to PS3, Bethesda has assured that it hasn't given up.

"We continue to work on it," Bethesda PR and marketing man Pete Hines said on Twitter (via NowGamer), in response to one of the many people asking about it. "And content will be coming to PS3. Will give details when I have them."

It really will, gang. So hang on in there. Skyrim's third DLC, currently only confirmed for Xbox 360 but surely planned for other platforms, is Dragonborn. Shouty heroes will get to meet the first Dragonborn, who it seems has gone a bit mad with power. You know, a bit like you did when you realised nothing in all of Skyrim could stop you. But this chap's proper evil and really must be stopped. You know how it goes.