MechWarrior Online patch adds paintjobs

Sure, stomping around inside a storeys-high robot is pretty good, but wouldn't painting a storeys-high robot pretty colours be even more fun? Robot fanciers rejoice, for MechWarrior Online's latest patch added the ability to customise your pretty metal toys, if you can live with your lovelies being dinged and damaged out on the battlefield. As of yesterday's patch, pilots can trick out their mechs with paint patterns, paint colours, and trinkets to decorate your cockpit. Some can be earned while others must be purchased, and developer Piranha is planning to release a whole lot more. Check out this forum post for details on cosmetic customisation. The 'Camo Spec' update also brings back the voice of Carrol Ruggier so your mech's computer can verbalise its concerns, as heard in MechWarrior 2. Piranha also delivered a nighttime variant of the map Frozen City, along with bug fixes and other jazz. Look, go read the full notes.

Pretty painting