Skullgirls getting large patch on PS3 tomorrow

Skullgirls is getting a cheeky "Slightly Different Edition" patch tomorrow on the PlayStation 3. It boasts a pretty large series of new features and modes, new balance adjustments, and a few bug fixes to boot.

A post on fighting game site Shoryuken (via Joystiq) gives the full patch notes. Most notably, the patch includes a new Tournament Mode, character tutorials, and in-game move lists for each character. Ranked matches will be made double-blind for the sake of fairness, and AI difficulty has been rebalanced.

The patch notes don't mention when the 360 version will drop, but it does promise improved load times for the platform when that happens. These changes come among a myriad of tweaks to the characters as well, so check out the full notes to see how your fighter of choice is getting nerfed or buffed.