Weekend Confirmed 138 - GTA V, Assassin's Creed 3, NFS: Most Wanted, Forza Horizon

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 09, 2012 11:00am PST

On this week's episode, Garnett, Jeff, and Jeff are joined by special guest Jason Paul from Naughty Dog. Cannata and Mattas explain why they're both enjoying Assassin's Creed 3 quite a bit, before everyone jumps on hype train for the recently released info about Grand Theft Auto V. Racing games Forza Horizon and Need for Speed: Most Wanted also get some "compare and contrast" discussion, and then the show wraps up with some Finishing Moves and a brief NFL Tail Gate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 138: 11/02/2012

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    Whatcha Been Playin Part 2 01:04:21 - 01:32:30

    Listener Feedback/Front Page News - 01:33:26 - 02:04:43

    Tailgate - 02:05:28 - 02:12:15

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  • I can't believe you guys when it comes to Resident Evil 6. Total bandwagon mentality. Just because the game was not designed around horror doesn't mean it should be counted against it. You can't judge a game based on what you want it to be. You have to see it for what it is.

    Capcom wants you to run at the zombies and use their axes against them. Slamming their head against a wall is so visceral and satisfying! I can't believe you Garnett when you keep saying the game is so "funny" when you are fighting the zombies. You can't even bring yourself to say the word fun because the bandwagon already decided against this game.

    I want you to have a debate against Tim Turi of GameInformer who gave the game an 8.75/10.

    Despite what a lot of cynical websites would have you believe, most of the people actually playing RE6 are loving it. This is an exception but someone on my friend list have logged in over 150 hours into the game as proven by ResidentEvil.net which is a nice website Capcom put up to bring the RE6 community together with weekly in game contests and detailed stats and whatnot.

    The game is meant to thrill you and you are supposed to have a huge smile on your face when playing the game. Nobody on this site will even admit how tight the controls are compared to 90% of other action shooter games. RE5 is free on Playstation Plus this week. Play just 5 minutes of Mercenaries in RE5 today and it feels almost unplayable without the dodge moves and counterattacks.

    I hate the group mentality Weekend Confirmed gets sometimes. You don't have to like every game but when a game is love it or hate it like RE6, at least convey to the audience why you might possibly want to check it out. Present both sides of the coin. Game "journalists" come across so selfish sometimes. There are lots of games I straight up hate but still recomment to my friends if it suits their interests.

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