Sir, You Are Being Hunted hits Kickstarter goal

Tweedpunk first-person survivor Sir, You Are Being Hunted has released the first snippets of actual gameplay from the alpha build to celebrate hitting its modest Kickstarter goal. You'll catch a peek at dodging and fighting robotic gentlemen in a procedurally-generated British countryside, because that's what the video game is about, see.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted hit its crowd-funding goal of £40,000 (around $63,000) in less than a week and chugs merrily onwards. The money's going towards making the game richer and prettier, replacing a lot of the placeholder art you'll see in the new video, adding more content and improving AI. Pledging at least £10 ($16) will get you a finished copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux when it's done, which is currently estimated to be in July 2013.

And now, a look at how you can try to combine landscape, nature, explosives, firearms, and AI, then panic and flee for your life when it all goes a bit pear-shaped: