Weekend Confirmed 135 - Star Citizen, Dishonored, Hitman: Absolution, ZombiU

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 19, 2012 11:00am PDT

Host Garnett Lee is away this week to attend the Nite to Unite charity event, but Jeff Cannata, Jeff Mattas are joined by special guest Xav de Matos from Joystiq to talk about a whole bunch of current and upcoming video game releases. Chris Roberts' Star Citizen project gets some love, as do Dishonored and Hitman: Absolution, and Cannata explains his growing excitement for the WiiU launch lineup, after having had some more hands-on time with the system. Finishing Moves wraps up the show proper, followed by another brief TailGate session.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 135: 10/19/2012

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    Show Breakdown:

    Round 1 - 00:00:36 - 00:28:31

    Whatcha' Been Playin Part 1 - 00:29:06 - 00:57:31

    Whatcha Been Playin Part 2 00:58:24 - 01:23:37

    Listener Feedback/Front Page News - 01:24:30 - 01:56:25

    Tailgate - 01:57:11 - 02:05:48

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    Before I share the straw that broke the camels back I'd like to make a few points. I started listening to 1up Yours and followed Garnett here. Kinnata is great, his rational opinions and thoughts are a pleasure to listen to.

    Andrea is the dullest, most terribly informed dimwit who apparently has has no history of game playing and therefore no frame of reference and I have just had enough of her. I don't play many games myself but I don't appear on podcast.

    I'm sorry Garnett, I know you get touchy about "your baby" but the fact is your put that baby in a sack, chucked a brick in too then hurled it into a pond.

    Your conversation regarding the Eurogamer article. I urge everyone who thinks Andrea has any credibility to read this link which proves Andrea has been taking kickbacks herself:

    She's an absolute joke and terrible hypocrite. It's too late for me, I won't be listening to your podcast again but I'd like to wish Jeff K luck with whatever he does and thank him for the hours of entertainment he gave me. Garnett, thank you too.. I sometimes thought you were a total douche but at least you have a good knowledge of your subject.

    I discovered the Bombcast around E3 and its was so refreshing to listed to people discussing games without the constant inane input from uninformed imbeciles.... I leave you all with this thought:

    "The Wii U doesn't even play CDs"

    so long

  • SPOILERS for Dishonored:

    Your death toll apparently takes some toll on the main NPCs in the game too.

    In the last mission, the boatman guy let me know how much he respected what I'd done for the world, etc. My friend just finished, after killing pretty much everyone in the game, and his boatman guy told him he was a piece of shit, and fired his pistol in the air to alert the guards to his position. He then promptly killed the boatman, even though he never had any hatred for him, as he had only been killing "the bad guys".