PlayStation Mobile launches on Vita and Android devices

PlayStation Mobile has officially launched. Boot up your PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Android device, and you'll be able to access a launch library of over 20 games, ranging from free to $7.49. Super Crate Box is probably the most noteworthy title of the bunch, but there's more than a handful of games to check out. Sony's first-party studios are also making games for Sony's cross-platform effort with games like Everybody's Arcade and Beats Trellis.

To access PlayStation Mobile on your Vita, simply find the new tab on the PlayStation Store. Android devices that have access to PlayStation Mobile include various Xperia devices, both Sony Tablets, and the HTC One series of phones. Fujitsu and Sharp devices will also be PlayStation Certified in the future. If you have a Vita and Android device, note that PSM games are eligible for Cross Buy across multiple devices.

If you want to find out more about PSM's launch lineup, we highly recommend visiting PSNStores. They have developer interviews and a handy FAQ to check out.