EVE Online: Retribution expansion announced for December

Space-jerkface sandbox simulator EVE Online's eighteenth free expansion is to focus loosely on crime and punishment, developer CCP has announced. 'Retribution' will launch on December 4, with a grab-bag of changes ranging from new ships to a revamped bounty hunting system to help you metaphorically parade around Jita with your enemy's head atop a space-pike.

The CrimeWatch system, which tracks the consequences of your actions with factions, players, corporations and The Man, is being updated to make it clearer what will flag you as a miscreant. If some space-punk blithely ignores this and messes with you, a reworked bounty hunting system will let you put a price on their head, or their entire corporation's heads.

As detailed before in a dev blog, Retribution's also changing up the roles of many low-level ships so they're more distinct and newbies can try out more roles. CCP's adding four new Tier-2 Destroyers too, and updating the textures of many ships for that extra touch of shiny newness.

CCP's Retribution subsite has the rundown on Retribution, though not very many details. Here's a session from this year's EVE Fanfest looking at revamping CrimeWatch: