The Amazing Spider-Man getting two new DLC exclusively on PS3

Heads up, true believers. The PS3 version of The Amazing Spider-Man is getting a few more pieces of downloadable content this week. Two new packs will be available alongside two packs previously only available for pre-orders. Plus you can snag all four at a discount.

The PlayStation.Blog gives word that the Lizard Rampage Pack and the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack will hit tomorrow. The Lizard Rampage Pack lets you play as the Lizard and smack some enemies and toxic towers with your tail. This pack also includes the Vigilante Suit, which Peter Parker donned before getting a better tailor for his real Spidey outfit. The Search & Destroy pack includes two arcade-style mini-games. These two content packs won't feature trophies, but they are exclusive to PS3 as pointed out on Twitter.

You'll also be able to grab the two pre-order bonus characters, Rhino and Stan Lee. Rhino was offered if you pre-ordered from GameStop, and Stan Lee if you pre-ordered a game during a fever dream. The blog notes that each pack costs between $3 and $4, but you can get a bundle of all four for $10.