Darkfall: Unholy Wars coming in November

Darkfall Online reminded MMO fans that the genre was once awfully and gleefully cruel, letting players bump each other off whenever they pleased and steal all their shiny stuff, but unfortunately it's always been a bit wonky. So much so that developer Aventurine decided to take its work on a huge 'Darkfall 2010' patch and put it towards a follow-up instead. That's coming to PC on November 20 under the name Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Aventurine announced today.

Unholy Wars will pack shinier graphics, a new UI, a rearranged and expanded, new races, reworked skills, overhauled crafting, redesigned magic, updates to the PvP territory control battles and sieges, and heaps more. It'll cost $30 and, yes, charge a monthly subscription.

"It's a little demotivating just trying to keep fixing something. It makes you feel that something's broken and you've done something wrong, and then you just keep fixing it and fixing and fixing," general manager Tasos Flambouras said in an announcement video. "Eventually we realised that the energy we were putting into fixing the existing game... would be better used in a new game."