Little King's Story hitting Vita October 2

New Little King's Story is coming to the Vita on October 2, Konami has announced. That's probably a bit sooner than most fans were expecting, but it gives you a solid three weeks to save up your pennies.

The game puts you in the shoes of King Corobo, as he tries to reclaim his kingdom from "The Nightmare." It sports a new story and upgraded visuals, along with touch controls, co-op play, and online leaderboards. Konami also promises downloadable content will be coming to keep the game alive post-launch.

The original Little King's Story received critical praise but failed to find an audience despite the Wii's massive install base. Launching on a system with a much, much smaller audience might not set the world ablaze, but it will at least give some players a chance to try it if they missed it the first time around.