MGS Ground Zeroes day-night cycle to increase replayability

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is mixing up the MGS formula in some key ways, most notably its open world. Series creator Hideo Kojima has revealed a few more changes coming to this iteration of the stealth-action series, intended to add replay value to the title.

Eurogamer reports that the game will feature a day-night cycle. The time of day will make a difference to enemy troop patterns, hopefully giving players a reason to revisit missions.

On a less positive note, the report mentions that Ground Zeroes will include loading screens. The game is open-world, so that could mean interruptions while wandering around. More optimistically, it could also mean the open-world is very large and we'll only see occasional loading screens between large zones of it. The game is still early, and we likely won't know exactly how these will impact gameplay until we get our hands on it.