Weekend Confirmed 129 - Borderlands 2, Sleeping Dogs, FIFA 13

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 07, 2012 11:00am PDT

This week's episode of Weekend Confirmed hosted by Garnett Lee features Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and Ryan Calavano chatting with special guest Adam Sessler. Borderlands 2 lead writer Anthony Burch joins us, and we grill him on what Gearbox is doing to make the sequel bigger and better than before. Once Burch leaves the hot seat, the team talks about the surprisingly-good Sleeping Dogs, and reveals how the new "first touch" mechanic in FIFA 13 genuinely changes up the game.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 129: 09/07/2012

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  • Gearbox has just come out with an online tool that lets you mess around with some of the skill tree stuff for Borderlands 2 before it comes out. Although I'm not overly interested in this particular game I find this idea really exciting. I think Saints Row did something similar. It's something I've wanted in gaming for a long time.

    I'd love to see pre-release character creation tools for games. I think if these tools were available for download ahead of release publishers might even snag extra sales if a bored gamer tries it out and becomes attached to their new avatar. It would also be super handy if you're like me and spend WAY too much time fussing over every detail before you actually get into your game.


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    • Absolutely, the more I can experience the game before it comes out the more I'm going to be the Day 1 purchase and pre-buy DLC and all that stuff that developers/publishers love. Also it would have made some of that Guild Wars 2 character creation pain from last week go away, since you could work it out before you are going to actually play.

      Going back to something Garnett said last week, I'd also like to see ways to get into the community for the game before the game ships and do it in the environment that hte game is going to launch from.

      Like a demo for Borderlands 2 in it that has some method for matching up players for co-op. Like a matchmaking system in the demo that looks for some data points like times that you play, the difficult you play on, the class you're likely to pick. Then you could build out your friends list before the game came out and be hooked up with people who will play the game, but also be online when you are and likely to prioritize this game over others since you've been into the demo.