Angry Birds Trilogy to sell DLC on top of $40 price tag

Chances are, you've paid a buck for Angry Birds at least once. The game has crossed a myriad of platforms with different versions and sequels, and it's preparing for its console debut with Angry Birds Trilogy. But even after shelling out the $40 for the console title, you might think, "I demand to pay more for Angry Birds!" If so, good news.

Activision has confirmed two downloadable content packs for Angry Birds Trilogy to Kotaku. The representative didn't give word on what the content will be, but it could be some of the levels missing from the console version. While the game sports a $40 price tag, it's actually missing over a hundred levels from the mobile games.

To its credit, though, Angry Birds Trilogy does remaster the visuals and add Kinect and PlayStation Move support, which may be enough to satisfy bird-flinging enthusiasts. It's due on September 25.