Weekend Confirmed 127 - Darksiders 2, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Madden NFL 13

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 24, 2012 11:00am PDT

Back in the studio this week, Garnett and crew are back to deliver another game-packed episode of Weekend Confirmed. Jeff "2N1T" Cannata, "Indie" Jeff Mattas, and returning 'confirmer' Mike Schramm bring some more Darksiders 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Papo & Yo love. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Dust: An Elysian Tail, Puzzle Craft, and Madden NFL 13 get some well-deserved time in the spotlight, before the show gets whacked with a big bag of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 127: 08/24/2012

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  • Scores have value.

    Do they tell the whole story? Of course not. But if a Halo game receives a 5 out of 5 from a reviewer nobody really needs to read the review to know if they should pick it up. If it gets a 2 out of 5 then something obviously went horribly wrong and they should stay away. I can play the game and decide for my self if a game connects with me on a personal level. But no reviewer is capable of providing me with that information. All I want to know is whether the game is recommended or not.

    That having been said, most scores are "maybes". And in those cases you need the review to help you decide if the game's strengths are things appeal to you and if it's weaknesses seem like things that you can live with.

    Reviewers who hate scores usually do so for their own reasons. They want people to read what that took the time to write and want to share their personal experiences. There is a lot of value in that but that isn't what a review is necessarily for. Maybe it is time that games journalism be divided into "reviews" that are recommendations and "opinion pieces" that tell us more about the persons experience with the game and give us deeper discussions about games. If you are a consumer both have value and then we can quit having this argument every few years.

  • While all the points about JRPGs were valid, Garnet, there's one important thing that I think needs to be addressed.

    They 'writers' of these games need to think of something more than their usual safe audience; Japanese teenage boys.

    One of the reasons why I stopped watching anime and playing JRPGs is because they keep using the same tropes over and over again. Bear in mind, many western games are not free from this accusation; I'm look at you; steroid pumping, brainless meat head space marines that are located somewhere inside a suit of armor stabbing dinosaurs on the planet Zog!

    But seriously, how bad would it be if there was a JRPG that had a somewhat experienced, but gentlemanly protagonist? Or, better yet, a grown up woman that has a whole three dimensions to her character, where such a thing is almost unheard of in JPRGs?

    They could take main characters as deep and complex as the Silent Hill 2 and 3 protagonists and insert them into JRPGs, imagine the potential.

  • No one here has really started talking about the situation with indie games and platforms.

    Someone on the show suggested that Sony has been "better" at promoting indie games and Garnett suggested that maybe they're just better at courting indie developers. I'd rather say that Sony, through the years, has been more willing to greenlight out-of-the-box game concepts. Last gen would Microsoft have really greenlit Ico or Shadow of the Colossus? Sony is the company that put a full AAA budget behind Heavy Rain and is doing it again with Beyond.

    On the subject of which platform might be the best for indie games, I definitely think XBLA had a leg up in the beginning, but I think more than one developer (someone at Epic maybe?) has come out and said that the PC is still the best place for indies to make their initial releases. You have to admit that Steam makes indies more prominent on the front page when you log in and goes to great effort to actually sell the games. It's gotten to the point where when a game comes out on XLBA I've started waiting for the inevitable Steam release.

  • So I just finished Papo & Yo. I'm still wiping the tears off my face. Yeah the mechanics were a little clunky, but the story and relationship you form with Papo... I never resented an in game character like when I would get pissed if that pot bellied idiot got a hold of the frogs again. Then the last twenty minutes had tears streaming. Most know about the development of this game. I can truly identify with it, that was my life once. Kudos to MInority for having the cajones to tackle an issue like alcoholism and abuse in a game. I couldn't recommend a playthrough of this game enough!

  • Nobody played Transformers? I've been digging the shit out of it. I think I lost an entire Saturday just to the new Horde mode (called Escalation) which has you playing as the more iconic guys in a Horde style multiplayer setting. Also just the addition of the Armor mods in the regular multiplayer has been a great addition to an already fun game.

    Also as a heads up I'd like to hear something about the iOS version of The World Ends with You. You guys have to have something to say about that price point next week and what exactly they are trying to do there.

  • I saw Garnett call out the FFVII re-release on the pre-show for using the MIDI versions of all the music in the game and it made me really wish he had done so on the show! I was waiting for the re-release to play it for the first time in about 10 years and was absolutely heartbroken the first time I got in to battle. I thought something was broken on my machine.

    Thankfully, someone compiled all of the PS1 versions and packaged them up exactly how the PC ones are, so you can just download that file, and swap the folder out. It completely fixes the problem but it begs the question; If it is really that freaking simple, couldn't Square Enix be bothered to do it themselves? If there was one game I really expected them to go all-out on, it was FFVII.

    Anyway, I've really been enjoying it thanks to the Character Booster.

  • Onlive and Steam...

    I'm not saying that it would ever happen, but that is where I see it having the most value. The Onlive experience worked well but I never felt like it was equal to the experience on consoles or PC. And I was never comfortable "buying" games on Onlive because in reality you were really licencing them for a period of time. Paired with Steam though it could work. When you buy a game you could download it to your PC if that works for you or you could stream it to your PC, Laptop, or TV. Games would also be available for trials/demos and rental and If you are impatient like me, you can buy it and start playing it immediately, then download it later when you are off doing something else. If your PC can't run it, stream it until you can buy one that can. It seems like a perfect fit with game saves on the cloud and steam communtiy.

  • The problem I've had with JRPGs in recent years is how convoluted they've become in both story and mechanics. I take one look at Final Fantasy XIII and I'm immediately turned off by all the numbers, menus and confusing crap going on. I know I could learn the system if I start from the beginning but I don't want to take 20 hours to get comfortable with it. Throw in a plot that requires a damn in-game encyclopedia of terms and you've totally lost me.

    I stuck with Final Fantasy XIII for a mere few hours. Very sad for a game that spent so much time and money in development.

    On the flip side, I played Dragon Quest IX for over 300 hours. Now there's a game that stuck to its simplistic roots but has an insane amount of depth. You can play through the main story and never mess with the job system, alchemy, grottos, multiplayer or super high level classic bosses. Unless you want to. The story might not be anything dramatic or original but it doesn't take an anime aficionado to understand what's going on.

    In my opinion, JRPGs have fallen into the same trap that 2D fighters have. They've become too complex and intimidating to all but the most hardcore players and have declined in popularity as a result. I can still pick up and play Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger the same way I can pick up Street Fighter II but not any modern fighters.

    It's a shame Dragon Quest doesn't have the same level of popularity in the states because perhaps it's the JRPG a lot of people are looking for.

  • Hey guys, great show as always.

    Funny that you guys brought up Hellgate during the D3 discussion. I've been playing the free-to-play version of Hellgate from Hanbitsoft and it has me addicted all over again. Despite the lag from time to time, the game is fun as hell and definitely worth checking out if you liked the idea of the game back in the day. The community is there as well which really helps. This is the first cash shop in a game that I don't mind spending a couple of bucks in either. I really wished a solid company was in place when Hellgate first launched, as I've always been a huge fan of the game. A real shame that the whole thing was a disaster when it first launched, that is undeniable.

    Anyway, felt like chiming in.