Harmonix seeking 'Combat Designer'

More pieces are falling into place for Harmonix's next game, but it's still a seemingly odd combination of game systems, especially for a studio known for its music titles. A new job listing seeks a combat designer to create "real-time, single-player combat experiences" for its new IP on next-generation hardware. The listing notes this game will be unlike anything Harmonix has done before.

The job listing on Gamasutra (via Kotaku) also mentions combat skills and abilities, and AI for enemy encounters. All in all, it sounds a lot like a standard action game, but the Harmonix pedigree likely means music will be involved as well.

We had previously seen a variety of job listings for this next-gen title, requesting skill at telling an emotional story, motion-based gaming, and music. It even mentioned combat encounters, but the company seeking a dedicated combat designer makes it seem even more action-oriented. Seeing as this is a next-gen title, though, we're unlikely to hear official word about it until next year at the earliest.