Sleeping Dogs to get six months of DLC

Square Enix hopes that you'll enjoy your stay in Sleeping Dogs' rendition of Hong Kong. In fact, the publisher has announced plans for six months of post-release DLC.

Beginning next month, the "Racing Pack" and "SWAT Pack" will be available to download. While the announcement doesn't offer specifics, Square Enix GM Lee Singleton did say that some of the content will include "cool cars and high-speed missions to outlandish outfits and game-extending mission packs."

Of course, in addition to post-release DLC, there will be day-one DLC as well. At the game's launch, there will be the "Retro Triad Pack," which includes an "old school outfit" that offers player buffs--making your trek through Sleeping Dogs a bit easier, provided you front the money for it.

Sleeping Dogs will be available later this week.