Weekend Confirmed 125 - Bioshock Infinite, PixelJunk 4am, Skyrim: Dawnguard

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 10, 2012 11:00am PDT

Another rambunctious round of Weekend Confirmed has arrived! Garnett and "Indie Jeff" Mattas are joined by G4's Nikole Zivalich, and co-host Jeff Cannata rolls in a bit late to help close out the show's second half. This week's hot topics this week include the shake up at Bioshock Infinite developer Irrational Games, some talk about the Elder Scrolls V expansion, Dawnguard, and Garnett professes his appreciation for the unique music maker, PixelJunk 4am. Other topics--from iOS games to Sound Shapes--are tackled, before the cast's Finishing Moves wrap things up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 125: 08/10/2012

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  • Ok, this is completely off topic for this episode, but I had a great time talking to you guys about ME3 Multiplayer last week and I want to keep going ;)

    So here's a topic for this week:

    What's your favorite character/build, and what is your favorite squad combination?

    My 2 favorite characters right now are the N7 Shadow and the N7 Paladin.

    N7 SHADOW: Its all about the sword.

    I max out my melee damage (since melee points buff all sword attacks, including the "shadow strike" ability). Max out my Shadow Strike abililty for pure damage. Set Tactical cloak to buff power attacks (adding even more damage to the Shadow Strike), and also upgrade the cloak to allow you to use 1 ability while remaining cloaked. Whatever points I had left went into the electric shockwave.

    For weapons, I go as light as possible. Fast power re-charge is key, and I'll make it through most games without firing a single shot anyway.

    This is the single most fun/exciting build I've come up with in ME3. With this set up, the Shadow Strike move is absolutely leathal. When used on it's own (without cloaking first) it does enough damage to kill most grunt enemies in a single hit. It also recharges fast enough that you can fire the power again the moment the animation finishes. So when facing a group of weaker enemies, I'll litterally hop from one to the next using the Shadow Strike power. This took some practice, but once I got the hang of targeting enemies who weren't looking at me I can wipe out a small cluster in just a few seconds.

    When targeting stronger enemies (rocket troopers, centurians, marauders) I'll cloak first, then use Shadow Strike. The power buff from the cloak will usually allow me to kill them with 1 hit, plus I remain cloaked for a few seconds after the attack, giving me time to run back to cover without being shot at :)

    When fighting larger clusters, I take cover behind a wall and use the Shock Wave as a suppression attack while my teammates deal out weapon damage.

    Next up, the N7 PALADIN: The best defense.... is mindless suicidal aggression.

    For the Paladin, I focus on putting points into the Shield Melee and Energy Drain. I upgrade the Energy Drain to max out the amount of power it restores to your shields. I build my Frost attack to do big damage, and build my Flame attack to do extra damage to frozen targets. Then I charge screaming into enemy forces.... ok, not quite, but sort of.
    If I'm facing small numbers of weeker enemies, I'll use Energy Drain to stun the enemy closest to me. Then I'll sprint in and smack them with my shield, killing them in a single hit. I'll then turn to the next closest enemy and Drain him (refilling my shields in the process) and sprint at him, then melee. As long as I'm not facing too many enemies, I can repeat this process infinitely. For weaponry, I carry the N7 Pirannah shotgun with accuracy and power bosters. This lets me do mega damage at close range if I go up agains something that doesn't die after the first melee.

    When facing more powerful enemies, I'll use Energy Drain to remove shields, then Freeze followed by Flame to do massive damage :)

    If I didn't put you all to sleep, I'd love to hear what characters you all use and how you spec them out :)

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    • That's a tough one....I'd say I use the vanilla Human Engineer the most, spec'd for just spamming powers. He's got the two most useful - Incinerate and Overload.

      Also the Geth Infiltrator. All his damage boosts make Black Widow/Javelin sniping absolutely devastating.

      I'm going to try your Paladin build, too. I've been wanting to use that class. I'm also confused as to why he isn't an Engineer. Sentinels are supposed to be Biotic/Tech hybrids.

      For weapons, I use the Avenger on every class, usually with a stabilization upgrade. Such a reliable gun. Most of the starter weapons are.

      I was glad to have the chance to use the Level 10 Piranha before it got nerfed, and it was BEAST.

      Speaking of which, why do people complain about nerfs/glitches etc. in a CO-OP game? The most common complaint I saw about the Piranha was that it was:

      1. Too powerful - uh, don't use it yourself. Problem solved.
      2. Killing weapon diversity - again, don't use it yourself. Problem solved.

      Why do people care so much about what other people are doing in a co-op game? It's just ridiculous, more so because Bioware actually listens to these people who apparently have so little of a life that other peoples' weapon choices in a video game bothers them.

      Glitches I can understand from Bioware's point of view. That missile glitch was fun, and got everyone in the game a ton of credits by being able to beat Platinum in like 10 minutes. Bioware lost potential "real money" buyers, but actual players who benefited from it by getting more stuff faster complained. I don't understand some people.

      On another note, I'm playing through all three ME games again....just had that itch the other day to try a new class throughout the campaigns. I've done them as a Soldier and Infiltrator, now I'm playing as a Sentinel.

      Forgot how bad ME1's combat was. :/