Infamous, God of War collections announced

It's a heavy year for game collections on the PlayStation 3. In addition to Ratchet & Clank and Journey collections on the way, Sony has announced two more on the way: one for the Infamous series, and yet another God of War collection.

The PlayStation.Blog gives word that the new collections will drop on August 28, the same day as the Ratchet collection. The Infamous Collection nets you Infamous, Infamous 2, and the horror spin-off, Festival of Blood. Plus you'll get extra missions, new power-ups, and new weapon styles.

The God of War Saga collection, includes even more games for your money: God of War, GoW2, GoW3, and the Origins Collection that includes both PSP games. Yes, it's a collection inside a collection. You'll also get some bonus content, a voucher for a month of PlayStation Plus, and each game will be remastered for HD, with DualShock controls and Trophy support.

Both Collections will be available for $39.99.