Weekend Confirmed 120 - Dawnguard, Day Z, Diablo 3

By Garnett Lee, Jul 06, 2012 11:00am PDT

Despite the summer's dearth of new releases, the Weekend Confirmed crew get into some spirited discussions about Diablo 3's questionable end-game, and what it's like to be a vampire in Skyrim's new expansion, Dawnguard. Garnett, Jeffs Cannata and Mattas, and regular guest Andrea Rene also delve into some talk about the Day Z beta mod that brings hardcore zombie survival to ArmA 2, and opine a bit about ZombiU and Sim City Social as well. The eclectic mix of topics all wraps up with another batch of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 120: 07/06/2012

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  • The Expendable 2 Video Game.

    Now THAT is a great idea for a movie tie in video game. Instead of spending a few million on a full retail game that looks and plays like shit and will be $19 per-owned within 6 months ... spend a much smaller amount on a cheaper downloadable game that looks like a really fun, late 80s arcade game (which is suit the theme since the actors are all from that era). This is a greater idea, people are gonna be more inclined to drop a few bucks on a lower commitment download game instead of opting for a full scale game that's undoubtedly gonna be severely flawed and not as good as the other retail games on their shelf.

    I know it's not the first game to do this but there should be more of this.

    I'd buy a lot of movie tie in games if they were cheaper, simpler experiences.

    I think it's a more efficient way for the developer AND the customer of capitalizing on the hype for a movie.

    Thread Truncated. Click to see all 5 replies.

      • By the way I didn't like the Expendables and I'm not interested in the sequel, I just think this idea is a good one.

        Anyway, I went and looked at my blu ray collection and the movies that I most enjoy that have had video game adaptions there's

        Batman Begins
        Lord of the Rings
        King Kong
        Pirates of the Caribbean
        The Matrix

        These games are rubbish or average at best and despite being a fan of the movies I don't own any of the games. If I like a movie I might buy a shirt or a sound track or a piece of merch but a full priced game that is most likely inferior in most ways is an ugly sell. However, a fun little downloadable game with a smaller time commitment might be like buying a little bit of merch for that movie you're hyped about. And it doesn't have to be grand and epic in scope, it doesn't have to measure up to Halo or COD, if it's a bit of throw away fun for 10-15 bucks that my friends and I can enjoy it just might be worth it.

        Of course in an ideal world I'd love movie tie-in video games to be high quality products built with love and dedication. But unless that happens this could be a preferable alternative.

        Side note: the trailer footage reminded me of the Tomb Raider downloadable game which having never been into the series, my wife and I played that game couch co-op from beginning to end and had the time of our lives.