'No definitive plans' for more Resistance

Resistance 3 was Insomniac's farewell to the franchise, followed shortly after by the Nihilistic-developed Resistance: Burning Skies. Sony clearly doesn't mind handing off development duties, but all the same, the company says it has no plans in the works to make another game in the series.

"The Resistance franchise has been exciting to work on, but as for the future we have no definitive plans," SCEE online producer Daniel Brooke told OPM UK.

The hesitation only makes sense. Resistance 3 faced lukewarm sales and then Burning Skies got a mixed reception from critics. The franchise is down but not out, and we might see it return someday. Just not someday soon. But hey, on the bright side, the franchise will probably at least get a cameo appearance in PlayStation All-Stars.