Silent Storm Gold blasts into GOG

In its mostly successful ongoing mission to re-release forgotten classics, GOG has unearthed a highly destructive find. Nival's Silent Storm Gold is available now, letting you wreck and ruin destructible environments across World War II in turn-based tactical tomfoolery from 2003. Like those X-COM and Jagged Alliance thing, Silent Storm is about gearing your squad up and stopping a vile ploy through turn-based tactical combat. In this case, it's a shadowy organization manipulating both the Allies and Axis, giving them fancy technology like power armor. With hugely destructible dynamic environments, you can do things like shoot through fences, or go all out and explode everything in sight, obliterating walls, ceilings and buildings. GOG is selling Silent Storm Gold, which includes the expansion pack Sentinels, for $9.99.

How silent can a storm with Panzerklein power armour truly be?