Black Mesa sputters into life with new screens

After eight years of development and several years of silence, it seems Black Mesa may be coming. No, seriously this time. The fans remaking Valve's Half-Life as a Source Engine mod have shared new screenshots, teasing that there's more news to come. At some point. Hopefully. The eight screenshots came after a campaign to drum up attention with 'Likes' on that social networking thing Facebook. I don't know, kids these days! Back in my time, you'd simply send your mod news to sCary's ShugaShack. "You can expect more updates from us in the near future," the dev team said. "This is just the beginning. We have more in store for you in the near future! Hold on to your lab coats!" But why has Black Mesa taken so long? Well, it turns out there are a fair few hurdles to overcome when a volunteer team attempts to "reimagine" one of the most-acclaimed games of all time with professional quality. Project lead Carlos Montero explained it all in a recent two-part interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which is well worth a read if you're interested.

Maybe Black Mesa? That was a joke. Ha ha. Fat chance.