StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm matches shown

After unveiling the new units coming to StarCraft II in its Heart of the Swarm expansion on the weekend during the Major League Gaming championships, Blizzard then showed them off properly in a 'battle report' show match. With commentary from star caster Sean 'Day[9] Plott, the round sees Protoss facing off against the Zerg, and each deploying their shiny new toys.

Gasp! as Protoss Tempests bombard Zerg Swarm Hosts hatching viscous broods. Quake! as the upgraded Ultralisks burrow into Protoss lines. Shiver! when Zerg Vipers snatch Colossi away.

MLG also broadcast a second battle report with Terran versus Zerg action, but for some reason it hasn't been released properly yet. Still, one canny YouTube user captured it from the webstream for us all to enjoy. But first, here's that PvZ:

And the streamripped TvZ: