Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC announced

If you can still conceive of using Arma 2 for anything other than simulating the zombie apocalypse in the smash-hit mod Day Z, its 'Army of the Czech Republic' DLC might pique your interest. Announced today by Bohemia, it'll bring new environments, weapons, vehicles, missions, and other gubbins. AotCR will send players to the pleasing summery terrain of Bystrica and Bukovina for 15 new single-player missions as the--you guessed it--Army of the Czech Republic. Naturally, a new force means appropriate new weapons, including the CZ 805 BREN and CZ Scorpion EVO III, and vehicles, like the L-159 Alca and Pandur II. Army of the Czech Republic is coming between July and September this year. Hit the announcement for more information, or pre-order now for $11.99.

Czech it out