Replay Games sets legal sights on Sam Suede project

Update: Adds Al Lowe and Wisecrack comments, and clarifies legal situation.

A new Kickstarter for a Sam Suede game by Wisecrack Games just launched, and Replay Games is exploring its legal options to get co-founder Al Lowe and corresponding Leisure Suit Larry images off the page.

"I think the blatant misuse of the Leisure Suit Larry name and copyrighted material shows clear disregard for copyright law," Replay Games co-founder Paul Trowe said. "To piggyback on someone else's success is not only rude but also illegal. Those who continue with this will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. We are suing today."

Lowe helped create the character with Ken Wegrzyn about seven years ago, according to GamesBeat, but Lowe said he is not part of the Kickstarter for Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure, despite being prominently portrayed on the page as being involved in the development. Lowe and Trowe just raised more than $670,000 in their own Kickstarter campaign for a Leisure Suit Larry remake.

Lowe responded on the Replay Games blog: "While I am proud of the work I did on Sam Suede back in 2006, when I left the project the game’s design was nearly complete but the text, where the humor lies, was barely started. I not involved in any way with Wisecrack’s current production of Sam Suede. I am currently actively involved with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded. I also am not personally involved in any legal action against Wisecrack and wish them well implementing my game design without me."

He added that Replay is deciding what action to take, such as a cease and desist order to stop using the Leisure Suit Larry images.

Wisecrack has also responded, saying they feel they are within their legal rights using Lowe's information, which came from his web site with permission, and that according to the U.S. Patent Office, "Replay Games owns neither the trademark nor copyright to Leisure Suit Larry," the company said in a statement to GamesBeat.

The Suede project is a sex farce that depicts Suede as a detective trying to score with the ladies during a mystery fantasy camp. The project has a goal of $500,000.