Nico Nico video service coming to Vita today

While Vita can do many things, it oddly cannot access YouTube. Sony has yet to release a dedicated app for its new handheld, and its built-in browser doesn't offer streaming video support. Sure, you can watch Netflix videos on it--but what if you're in the mood for videos of kittens doing cute things?

While YouTube isn't coming to Vita (yet), how about the next best thing? Nico Nico, a popular Japanese alternative to YouTube, will be available on Vita later today.

One feature unique to Nico Nico is the ability to overlay comments over videos. This video hosted by YouTube shows the kind of informative feedback one can expect from the service:

It's surprising to see the Nico Nico app make its way Stateside, given the overtly Japanese appeal of the service. With its unique content, the app will be ideal for all the anime-watching Jpop-loving Vita-toting fans out there.