Dragon's Lair Kinect now available

Most of us remember being nine years old and seeing Dragon's Lair for the first time. The graphics, you guys! But the Don Bluth animated quest was less like a game and more like an animated short with occasional button prompts to keep it going, so the magic quickly faded. Years later, Digital Leisure is on its own kind of quest: to port Dragon's Lair to as many platforms as humanly possible. This time, it's Kinect's turn.

The game is now available on Xbox Live Arcade, with Kinect input commands. The announcement promises the full-body motion controls allow you to approximate the motions of swinging a sword, grappling ropes, and avoiding obstacles. Presumably it gives you a little more time than the original game did.

It also packs in leaderboards, achievements, and Avatar items. Plus, if you're very committed for some reason, today also sees the release of several Dragon's Lair items on the Marketplace like props and a theme, most running at about $3 each. Dragon's Lair Kinect will cost you $10 (800 MSP).