FIFA Soccer 13 announced for fall

Surprise! A new entry in EA's ball-kicking FIFA franchise has been announced, for release this fall. Before you sigh and roll your eyes, you jaded curmudgeon you, EA promises a "revolutionary set of game-changing innovations" for FIFA Soccer 13, which is surely not hyperbole. So what's so special and exciting? The AI has been improved, the dribbling system is said to be the best ever, a jazzed-up Player Impact Engine is now used when players jockey for position as well as collide, and career mode has "major changes" in response to fan feedback. Check the announcement for more shiny new things. Oh, and there's a "13" at the end of the name now. FIFA Soccer 13 is coming to, deep breath, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Vita, Wii, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, iOS doodads, and unspecified "other mobile platforms" this fall. It'll support Kinect and PlayStation Move where appropriate, too.

Ball ball ball; footy footy footy