Weekend Confirmed 111 - Elder Scrolls Online, Black Ops 2, God of War: Ascension

By Garnett Lee, May 04, 2012 11:00am PDT

Blockbuster games headline this episode of Weekend Confirmed. Elder Scrolls Online, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and God of War: Ascension alone could more than fill the show but there's more. Mike Schramm of TUAW and Joystiq helps the two Jeffs and Garnett bring the awesome needed to keep up with it all. The discussion of role-playing games also includes the recently released pirate-themed Risen 2. Sniper Elite V2 and a couple other things also make their way into the crowded mix before Finishing Moves puts the final exclamation point on the show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 111: 05/04/2012

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    Listener Feedback/Front Page News 01:25:09 – 01:54:11

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  • I strongly encourage Garnett to apologize to Indie Jeff on this week's show. Last week's Garnett-control-freak-intervention was shameful. Jeff tried to make a comment that promised to be one of the most interesting in the entire discussion--on the ethics of consulting in war games--and when he did in fact have the chance to make it, it turned out to be stimulating, articulate, and provocative. But Garnett slapped Jeff down like a subordinate for speaking out of turn. This desperate need to be the star host who controls the flow of the show, not just behind the scenes (which would be fine) but through an endless on-air display of control, is tiresome. Also, considering the fact that it is usually Garnett who derails other people's conversations and arguments, it seems unfair to call Jeff out for responding to the natural flow of the discussion and speaking from his heart. I can't count the number of times that someone has said "I like three things about this game," and Garnett changes the subject after #1 because he wants to control the flow. I also think Garnett usually speaks about games subjectively--I want this or that from Resident Evil, I need this or that from this genre of game--and he should allow and in fact others to do the same.