Botanicula pre-orders get goodies in apology

Botanicula starring in a 'pay what you want' Humble Bundle on the very day it launched certainly was an unexpected treat for most of us, but less so for those who pre-ordered the adorable adventure game. To make amends, developer Amanita Design has whipped together an apology package for those who pre-ordered, with treats including Machinarium.

If you pre-ordered from GOG or GamersGate, you'll receive digital copies of Amanita's fine robotic adventure Machinarium, the Botanicula soundtrack, and a Botanicula art book which hasn't been otherwise released yet. GOG is also throwing in, off its own back, a free copy of The Witcher.

"We haven't much time to take care about business and logistics in last few weeks because we were hard at work on the game fixing hundreds of bugs etc. so we made a mistake and let GOG and GG make pre-orders," Amanita wrote in a blog post. "We simply didn't think about it and about the consequences, sorry for that."