'No plans' for Max Payne 3 demo

Max Payne 3 certainly looks jolly nice, but will Rockstar let us try for ourselves before we buy? Of course not. There will no demo for Max Payne's Brazillian adventure, Rockstar has confirmed, so if you're still skeptical about Max's Brazilian adventure, you may have to pop around a friend's and play their copy.

"There are no plans for a demo of Max Payne 3," Rockstar said, plain and simple, on Twitter (via GameSpot). One could accuse them of burying the bad news, but we live in an age when publishers often think it best to relay such information through Twitter, Facebook, forums, and other 'social' spaces most people will miss.

Rockstar's reluctance to release demos is understandable, at least, for its open-world games. Max Payne 3's linear, though, so it wouldn't be unrepresentative to serve a slice for players to try out, see how it runs on their PC, and all that jazz.

Max Payne 3 is diving onto Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 15, while the PC version is mysteriously not arriving until May 29.