Lost Planet 3 coming from CoD: Finest Hour dev

Hot on the heels of the Resident Evil 6 trailer leak from the Captivate event, another trailer hit the Internet that outed an entirely new game. Lost Planet 3 is coming, this time from another Western developer with a history in the Call of Duty series.

Capcom was quick to follow with an official announcement. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in early 2013. It stars a utility rig pilot named Jim, who takes on a dangerous job on EDN IIII. The announcement promises third-person battles and first-person action in the utility rig, along with the return of the multiplayer mode.

BOOM video 12440

Meanwhile, Siliconera reports that this game will be from Spark Unlimited, the developer behind Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary.