Rumor: GTA V planned for October launch

A rumor about the projected launch window for Rockstar North's latest video game opus, Grand Theft Auto V, is making the rounds. Though Rockstar has yet to confirm or deny the associated speculation, character animator Alex O'Dwyer recently posted information to both his LinkedIn profile and CV (Curriculum Vitae), indicating that the game is planned to launch in October.

As noticed by Joystiq, O'Dwyer's CV has since been deleted from existence, but his LinkedIn page is still alive and kicking.

Rockstar typically only releases one major flagship title in a given year. If Grand Theft Auto V actually arrives this October, or thereabouts, both it and Max Payne 3 will share 2012 release dates. That said, if Grand Theft Auto V and Irrational's Bioshock Infinite both come out in October, it'd result in one of this year's biggest release months for 2012.