Eidos, Ion, & The Romero

By Steve Gibson, Jun 20, 2000 6:16pm PDT Also, the rumor of the day about Eidos getting bought out by Infrogames has been confirmed by WellRounded to be not true. You can read the quick article over here. In addition to that, a few places have been reporting that John Romero's job is in jeapordy. Gamers.com got a quick quote from "The Romero" as they call him (heehee)

"Yes, it's complete dumb bullshit. We're #7 in one list, #10 in another, etc. We're the top shooter on the charts -- and Eidos is happy," the Romero said.

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  • Here's the smart play for Eidos.

    Cut losses, try to survive another year. Several games are in the pipeline, and X-Box is on the way, too. Eidos should also be in line for a nice cut of the Tomb Raider merchandise tie-ins. That's promising: Angelina Jolie's sweet ass could move a lot of plastic and other shit next year, not to mention the inevitable movie-tie-in-game-about-the-movie-based-on-the-game. ;)

    Meanwhile, force Ion to push its remaining two games out the door this quarter exactly as Looking Glass was pushed on Thief 2. Crack the whip; those boys need money.

    When Deus Ex and Anachronox have shipped, each selling 25 - 50k units (a.k.a. "The Dominion/Daikatana Gold Standard"), fire everyone at Ion and sell the assets.

    Final move: never, never, never throw money at a boutique game house again. Bet on the hungry developer who wants to make it, e.g., the Cro-Teams of this world, not the poor misunderstood hair artist.