Thatgamecompany executive producer also departs

Journey may have been a tremendous commercial and critical success for thatgamecompany--but it also marks the end of a number of careers at the revered indie studio. In addition to the departure of studio co-founder Kellee Santiago, executive producer Robin Hunicke has also announced she's leaving the studio.

Unlike Santiago, Hunicke has already announced where he's going: to Tiny Speck to work on casual free-to-play MMO Glitch. "They charmed me completely!," Hunicke explained when announcing her departure.

Hunicke will be joining other esteemed games industry folk, like Katamari creator Keita Takahashi and Spore developer Justin Quimby. It's clear that, with these recent recruits, Glitch is aiming for a very different share of the MMO market.