Weekend Confirmed 105 - Journey, Mists of Pandaria, Mass Effect 3

By Garnett Lee, Mar 23, 2012 11:00am PDT

After a long look at Mass Effect 3 last week, Jeff, Jeff, Andrea, and Garnett turn their attentions to Journey, the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft, and other games. However, they cannot ignore the interesting turn the controversy over the ending of Mass Effect 3 took with BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka directly addressing fans to promise them "clarity" and "closure" through new content the team will create. We also catch up on the announcement of an Epic Mickey sequel along the way to wrapping up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 105: 03/23/2012

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  • "You don't get a redo".

    Yet you guys brought up Charles Dickens who changed the ending to Great Expectations due to negative reaction.

    Thread Truncated. Click to see all 6 replies.

      • Indeed. But this is the thing. The very nature of a game like mass effect which is all about choice & consequence actively encourages you to play it again and change things up to see how things can play out differently.

        I think the problem in perception with regard to the fans concerns is that most games reviewers don't replay titles as a matter of course. Therefore to them by on large they actively don't see an issue with the games ending. Some have acknowledged that its poor, disjointed and doesn't quite live up to the quality of the rest of the game, but there's a collective failure at play amongst the gaming press towards understanding how much that drop in quality impacts the replay value of the title.

        When people bandy around that 100 hours of game play figure for all three games, what they need to understand is that that's just for one play through. It's a safe bet that the vast majority of players in the retake movement have probably played through the first and second games several times (I know I've played through a couple and I don't even consider myself a hardcore ME player). Their time investment into the game far outstrips that of any professional game journalist. These are people who likely have a few different Shepard's waiting on their hard drives eager to run through Mass Effect 3 because they want to see how things would play out differently in the finale based on all of those choices they've made for each of those Shepard's through out the first two games.

        For example, how does saving the Destiny ascension & the Council impact things Vs concentrating the alliance fleets on Sovereign? It's an important decision in ME1. In ME3 it's sole impact is reflected in your war assets rating. Save the council and you get a positive for having the destiny ascension in your fleet, but a negative for the alliance fleet from the losses they received drawing Sovereigns fire. Where's the dramatic cut scene showing the Ascension in full effect carving up reapers in the climatic final battle? A warship with supposedly as much fire power as the rest of the Asari fleet combined, and we don't get to see that decision pay off in some meaningful manner?

        I cure the genophage and beyond a speech by Wrex to his troops I see neither hide nor hair of the Krogan as I battle my way through the corridors of London? What about seeing them or my new allies the Geth kicking some reaper butt along the way? Having a platoon of Primes dropping in from high Orbit and pulverizing a mass of reaper ground forces would be monumental. Beyond assurances of 'we'll help' and a + in the war assets column where's the pay off for these things?

        I'm incredulous that Bioware so clearly having dropped the ball when it came to the handling of the finale with respect to things like this (and let's not even get into the whole God child saga) have singularly failed to have been brought to account by any professional game review site. I'm even more incredulous at the insistence by sites such as this one that Bioware are completely beyond account to their fanbase on the grounds of 'artistic integrity'.

        Artistic integrity? The put geek w**k fantasy Jessica Chobot from IGN into the game (a character with zero redeeming qualities), whilst killing off long term ingame NPC Emily Wong through a Twitter Viral campaign. Were Bioware to change that around would you be kicking up a stink about Artistic integrity then? What about the fact that Bioware further to fan feedback made a previous straight character from ME1 (Kaiden Alenko) bisexual in ME3? Was that not a case of compromising the artistic integrity of the series? Or is challenging that and incurring the wrath of the LGBT community a potato too hot to handle?

        If you're going to bandy around terms like 'artistic integrity' you need to actually have integrity yourself. On that score I find you Shacknews collectively lacking.