Square Enix teases new unnamed project

Square Enix has started to hint a new project, seemingly tied to the Final Fantasy series. We only know a few details about the unnamed game, but if the teaser is any indication we can expect it to hit as early as this summer.

The site (translated by Andriasang) mentions crystals and summons, along with the names Odin, Titan, and Diablos. Masaki Hirooka and Yusuke Naora are credited for the illustrations, and the site suggests "Summer 2012" -- likely a release window.

The names seem to indicate a Final Fantasy game, and the site URL is "cc2012." We'd hazard a guess at Crystal Chronicles, but it could be anything at this point. If the game is due this summer, it's getting a much shorter promotional window than most Square games. Either the company has adopted a new marketing strategy, or this particular game is smaller in scope. The site promises more details soon.