Weekend Confirmed 104 - Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, GDC remainders

By Garnett Lee, Mar 16, 2012 11:00am PDT

Mass Effect 3 tops everyone's list. There's no way the Weekend Confirmed crew couldn't talk about it, but there are no spoilers... hell, Cannata's not even finished with it yet and we wouldn't want to do that to him. It's no secret, though, that the game's ending has rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. What we want from game endings and the difficulties faced in putting a conclusion on a story we've invested so many hours offers a lot to consider. We also take a first look at some of our impressions from the game being careful to not give anything story-related away. Other things are happening as well. There's the Diablo 3 release date announcement, finally, and we've got a bunch of stuff left over from GDC last week as well. It's a non-stop ride to Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 104: 03/16/2012

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  • Honestly, it's my opinion that the only reason people are so upset that Janik is a downloadable character, is because Bioware dropped the ball big time with the other new characters in this game.

    Janik seems like a valuable piece because Ashley the space-racist, Vega the soldier guy, and EDI the space-butler are all pretty lame and boring. Janik is a great character, he just seems even more important to the experience because relative to the others, he's incredibly fun.

    Make any one of those characters DLC and give them a character-building mission, and I doubt people would complain, because even with as much unique dialog as Janik, they never really add as much, simply because they're not as interesting.

    Personally, I want MORE DLC for Mass Effect 3 just for that reason. I don't need to new endings, just give me back the more interesting characters from ME2. The new and improved Jack from ME3 (with hair!), my ice-queen with a heart of gold Miranda, the lovably polite death-machine Legion, etc.

    If ME3 has shown me anything, it's showed me just how much better the characters in ME2 were than ME... even if the actual PLOT in ME2 was pretty meh.

  • Did everyone on the podcast forget Mass Effect 2 and the "Cerberus Network" code and DLC character and mission that came out on day one for that game? As well as access to other additional content later on?

    You probably did forget because it was included in every new copy like any other project ten dollar or online pass code from EA, a pretty standard thing from them to reward people who buy their games new and force those who buy used to kick some extra money in if they want to full experience, whether it be access to online multiplayer or extra content.

    So why didn't they do the same thing with Mass Effect 3? The only answer I can come up with is the obvious one. What would Cannata say?

  • As far as the 'From Ashes' DLC goes, I think that Garnett is overstating it's relative importance to the story.

    Janik, the new character is great. He has great insights, provides some added scope and poignance to the overwhelming power of the Reapers, and has some dry wit. I enjoy conversing with him aboard the Normandy, and take him out on missions a lot to hear what he has to say.

    That said, NONE of the major story beats in the game involve him in any way. He is a peripheral spectator in all cases, no matter how many times it would seem a perfect place for him to jump in and provide some actual impact to the events unfolding.

    The actual mission in From Ashes isn't particularly interesting, and the unveiling of an actual PROTHEAN is handled with all the awe and fanfaire of finding a penny lying on the ground. It would have been great if there were some sense that the player worked to uncover this huge secret, or that Shepherd was the one destined to find him (especially considering WHERE they find him), but nope, you basically just drop in, fight some dudes, wake him up and leave.

    Janik stands out because the other 'new' party members, are pretty dull.