Be Mine Indie Game Bundle is indie game bundle

While you may very well have more games than you'll ever finish thanks to the explosion of 'pay what you want' indie bundles, you can always do with more, yes? If you're not all bundled-out, have a gander at the Be Mine Indie Game Bundle, which packs The Ball, Beep, Wasteland Angel, Sideway: New York, Xotic, and Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, plus a little music.

The bundle's being sold through Groupees. All games offer Steam activation keys, and several are available as direct downloads too.

Extra 'Incentives' are unlocked as the sales hit milestones, with Xotic DLC packs and Nikopol itself already reached. Others include game soundtracks, more music, and an aquatic screensaver.

20% of the bundle's sales go to gaming charity Child's Play.