Weekend Confirmed 101 - American Nightmare, Darkness 2, games that make us curse

By Garnett Lee, Feb 24, 2012 11:00am PST

The second century of Weekend Confirmed begins with a corker. Coin-op TV's Rob "Pennyman" Welkner joins Jeff, Ariel, and Garnett for episode 101. They've been playing games like Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Syndicate, and the Darkeness 2. With countless hours invested in Skylanders, Rob helps shed some light on how this unlikely game became a breakout hit for kids of all ages. Discussions also take a look at why we play games that make us curse at the screen, whether Mass Effect 3's day-one DLC is a must-have for the "complete" experience, and Sony's explanation and apology for not offering the PSP UMD "Passport" transfer service to Vita owners outside Japan. All that and more before Finishing Moves puts the exclamation point on the show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 101: 02/24/2012

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  • I'm with Jeff on the format issue. I bought the Lion King on VHS when I was a kid. That doesn't mean Disney now owe me the film on Blu-Ray, or even as a download now that technology's obsolete. You buy a product and you get what you pay for. Nothing more, nothing less.

    On DLC the way to look at it is to distinguish between content which is a genuine expansion on the original experience, and content which is siphoned from that experience at the behest of the publisher simply as a way of charging you more for the original title.

    In the first camp you'd put the great tradition of PC gaming expansion packs with titles like Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, through to modern day examples like the Fallout expansions.

    In the latter camp I'm afraid to say you would have to put this Mass Effect 3 DLC. If it's available at launch that's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be in every one's experience - there's no more excuse for this than there would be for a movie theatre removing scenes from films for people who don't make it for day 1. Every one who buys Mass Effect 3 does so assuming they're buying the full experience - just as they would when they buy any book, CD or film.

  • They funny thing about people's complaint about Mass Effect 3 (or any game for that matter) is they never do this kind of thing at a car dealership or at a big box retail store. In almost every other industry there are different skus for the same product line. I do not hear people calling Ford a bunch of money grubbers and anti consumer for putting their Sync technology in only some of their cars.

    No what you get is a largely rational judgement of what features I care about for reasonable price. There is no difference from that product and a video game with DLC. A consumer finds the value point for a product they want to purchase and they move on from there.

  • Man I wouldn't want to see what one of these people worried about spoilers open up the CE box and see the pamphlet with the code for the DLC, as they will get angry when they realise it tells you was it is and does and not blank piece of paper with no info at all.

    I think a REAL spoiler is what actually happens in the DLC, not what it's about.

    I have already seen photos and scans of the recently released "Art of the Mass Effect Universe" on the Mass Effect Wikia. I was there as I'm going through a ME2 session in preparation and I saw these in "new pictures added" in the sidebar. Now I know stuff I wish I hadn't, (I'm an adult and will move on). Anyway, beware there is a lot of stuff out there already, showing the DLC is nothing in the scheme of things.

  • Maybe I'm the only person in the world who managed to avoid the mass effect DLC spoilers until I listened to this podcast, but I'm really bummed that Garnett and crew didn't try to protect listeners a little better. I'm very laid back about spoilers, but I still think that they should be more careful _before the game even comes out_.

    I really, really would have appreciated a time skip ahead notice or something, because I tried to skip ahead and thought they were done, but someone just outted the next character. Again, I was bummed that I heard it.

  • The 4th chair said something that interested me about the new gaming landscape. A games intial release is much like a console if you want all the bells and whistle your going to pay a early adopter fee. You can buy the game minus content much like you can choose the size of the harddrive in a console.

    Also for all the complaints about DLC the publisher are offering the full experience. You have to wait a year or so but the complete or game of the year edition kind of ends the entire argument against DLC. If you want the game early you have to pay there's nothing wrong with them charging you more money for more of a game or more services.

  • American Nightmare Spoilers, but nothing new if you listened to the podcast.

    While I think Alan Wake was better than American Nightmare, I agree more with Mr. Lee's position on AN than with Mr. Cannata. But the point I'm curious about is that controversial plot element you discussed. I wrote a review of American Nightmare for a community gaming site and struggled with what to do with that particular plot device.

    In the end, because the site has a strict rule about no spoilers in reviews and I didn't see a way to discuss it without spoiling the plot point. With that said, I also didn't consider it a huge deal because things do change when you go back. I get that some people may not like it but it allowed for more story, especially in the TV messages and radio shows, and more combat. That later piece for me is one of the better parts of American Nightmare and that I get more of it, with different weapons and different enemies, even if in the same setting, did not detract from the game at all.

    Now, if I had need to do the exact same things repeatedly, or if the TV messages and radio programs has been the same, or if the game continued the loop 5, 6, or 7 times, I would feel different. But I think they hit the sweet spot with the three run throughs.