Jet Grind Radio Xbox 360, PS3 re-release teased

An elaborate new teaser video from Sega teases their next Dreamcast game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It didn't take long for fans to guess what the next HD re-release would be.

Jet Grind Radio (aka Jet Set Radio worldwide) will be making its long-awaited return. It's been over a decade since the original Dreamcast release and its Xbox sequel, Jet Set Radio Future.

The cel-shaded graphics will likely benefit a lot from a widescreen HD revamp, however fans are concerned that the soundtrack may not survive the transition to the current gen. "SEGA you’re going to need to say what songs are getting cut from the soundtrack before I can care about this," one fan commented on the official Sega blog. Given the trickiness of music licensing, it's something we'll be keeping our eyes (and ears) open for.