PlayStation Home getting avatar 'fighting' game

PlayStation Home is becoming an increasingly violent place to be. You can shoot each other in a multiplayer FPS--and soon, you will be able to pummel each other in a fighting game.

Starting tomorrow, PlayStation Home will introduce "Total Game Integration" for Street Fighter x Tekken. By visiting the special area in Home, you'll be able to pre-order the game and receive a special gem DLC pack.

Next week will provide a much more significant update for Home users. The Street Fighter x Tekken area will add a mini-game that allows avatars to fight against each other. There will also be 10 SFxT challenges to attempt in Home. Once completed, you'll unlock special Ryu and Kazuya costumes for your avatar. Playing with these costumes will unlock fireball and jump kick attacks in the Home fighting game.

Unfortunately, you should definitely dial down your expectations for the fighting game. After the announcement, the PlayStation.Blog noted that it is "turn-based," making it more of a JRPG than a proper button-mashing fighting game.